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3 Tips For Successfully Using An Electric Tiller In Your Garden

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If you enjoy eating fresh produce throughout the summer growing months, then you are likely considering the incorporation of a garden into your home's landscape. Establishing a garden takes time and effort, but it can be made a lot easier with access to the right tools.

Here are three tips you can take into consideration when using an electric tiller to create your own backyard garden this summer.

1. Work with a few layers of dirt at a time.

One mistake that novice electric tiller operators can make is trying to dig too deep during their first pass with the tiller. Once you have sectioned off the area where you want to plant your garden, set your electric tiller's depth regulator to shallow before you begin to make passes across the dirt. This allows you to work with only a few layers of dirt during each pass.

Once you have churned up the top layers, you can lower your tiller's depth regulator a little more and make a few additional passes. Keep working in a slow, methodical manner by tilling up only a few layers of soil with each pass, and you will effectively loosen the soil and maximize aeration before planting.

2. Soften hard ground before tilling.

Operating an electric tiller can be dangerous, especially when you are working with hard ground. As the tiller's blades catch on hard soil, the handlebars could propel forward. If you aren't paying close attention, you could be thrown over the handlebars and directly into the tiller's path.

By taking the time to soften hard ground with water prior to tilling, you can avoid many of the dangers associated with using an electric tiller in hard soil. Water a few days prior to the date you plan to till your garden so the water will penetrate the surface of the soil to soften the layers below.

3. Only use approved attachments.

If you want to add an attachment to your electric tiller (like a disc cultivator or a furrower), it's essential that you use only attachments approved by your tiller's manufacturer. Purchasing attachments made by the same company which manufactured your electric tiller can ensure that each attachment will fit properly.

Attachments that don't fit can be a safety hazard, so it's imperative that you invest in approved attachments if you want to make your electric tiller more versatile.

Working to create a garden can be challenging, but relying on the help of an electric tiller can help you more easily prepare your soil for planting. For more information, contact a garden rental company in your area.