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Does Your Home Construction Need A Project Manager?

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A project manager, sometimes called a construction manager, differs from a general contractor in a key way – project managers rarely perform any of the work themselves, while a general contractor usually performs much of the work and only hires out things that aren't in their realm of expertise. Project managers are usually utilized for large commercial building projects, but there are some cases when they are also a good option for a home project. The following guide can help you determine whether you need a project manager for your next job.

How extensive is the work?

As a general guide, if the job will be completed within a few days then you probably don't need a project manager. This is especially true for jobs that only require one or two experts. As an example, replacing the bathroom fixtures and retiling the floors won't need a project manager, while ripping out a wall to install an extension housing a master bath could benefit from the work of a project manager.

Will multiple crews need to be hired?

Large projects, such the building of a new home, the construction of a large addition, or the remodeling of a home from the inside out, will likely require multiple crews and contractors to complete. This is where the help of a project manager can relieve a lot of issues. They will be able to handle the hiring of the crews, ensure all permits are acquired and inspections performed on schedule, and keep all the assorted crews on task so that the job is completed in a timely manner.

Do you prefer to take the hands off approach?

Some home owners enjoy the thrill of the hunt, whether it is interviewing the electrical contractors or finding the best deal on building supplies. Others would rather sit back and let someone else attend to the these details. A project manager handles more than just the logistics of the various contractors. They can also deal with the following:

  • Scheduling deliveries and contractors

  • Negotiating discounts or materials and hunting for the best deals

  • Inspecting deliveries and handling returns

  • Advising on issues and aiding in troubleshooting

You can even give a project manager final decision making capabilities, which means they have the power to fix a problem before you are even aware of it.

Contact a project manager like Bogner  Construction Co in your area to find out if your project is well suited to their skills. They could help eliminate some of the headaches that come along with any major construction undertaking.