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Protecting Your ATV Trailer From Theft

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If you just purchased an ATV trailer to haul your vehicle to new job destinations, you are most likely anticipating the additional potential for income you have in your future. An ATV trailer is a wise investment for those who wish to use an ATV to plow or haul equipment, as it opens up an array of employment opportunities you may not have been able to do otherwise. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure your new trailer remains safely in your possession and out of the hands of thieves.

Make Your Trailer Unforgettable

If your trailer is a plain white or a chrome color, it will be easier for someone to steal as it will not draw attention while hooked up to someone else's vehicle. Paint your trailer in a bright, memorable color or add easy-to-see identification right on the structure, such as your last name or a slogan that others will find humorous. This way, if your trailer does end up being jacked, you can alert authorities of these distinguishable markings, making it easier to find it on the road as a result.

Invest In A Hitch Lock 

It is a good idea to purchase a locking hitch to make it harder for someone to steal your trailer altogether. After you remove your ATV from the trailer, make it a priority to check the hitch lock to make sure it is secure. Some people purchase locking padlocks to keep their hitch secured to their vehicle; however, someone with bolt cutters would be able to cut through the lock if they were intent on stealing the trailer. Since locking hitches work with a key, it is important to have a secure spot on your person to hold onto it while you are working. Wear clothing with at least one zippered pocket. 

Add Security Devices 

There is an array of security products on the market that can help make your trailer less attractive to thieves. Install a GPS system to track a trailer, making it easy for police to find the robber promptly should they take off with it. An alarm system will ward off theft as it will be seen blinking and will emit a loud sound if someone tries to disconnect the trailer from your vehicle.

Park Your Vehicle In A Public Area

If you park your vehicle at the back of a property or on a deserted roadway, your trailer will be more at risk for theft. Parking in an area that people frequent, in addition to making sure it is not obscured in shaded areas, will make it harder to steal. Check your surroundings before parking to make sure the trailer is visible to others. Do not place it in an area where there is a lot of brush or trees, as someone may drive up to the spot and transfer the trailer to their own vehicle without being spotted.