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The Benefits Of Using A Skid Steer On Your Horse Farm

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Taking care of a horse farm can be a huge job, even more so when you do not have the heavy equipment on-site for making it easier on you. When you have the machinery you need to move heavy objects and other tough tasks, you can spend more time enjoying your horses. Check out how you can benefit from having a skid steer on your horse farm.

Save Time And Money Cleaning Out Stalls

Cleaning out horse stalls can be a time consuming task, especially if you are the only one around to do it. If you hire someone to help you clean stalls, you spend money on that person's salary. Barn stalls that are wide can take a long time to clean and refresh with new straw. A skid steer can easily fit into barns with side aisles and large stalls. The time it takes you to clean out stalls will be greatly reduced if you use a skid steer to clean stalls. Also, you can save the money you would normally spend on hiring a hand to help you clean stalls.

Clearing New Pastures Can Be Easier

Using a traditional farm tractor is great for bush hogging and cutting grass. However, when it comes to clearing off a wooded area for making a new pasture, a farming tractor falls short. A skid steer has a front loader for scraping up top soil, taking small trees and stumps with it. You can rent front end attachment for a skid steer to help you take on specialized jobs when clearing land as well. Pulling up larger stumps can be done with a skid steer. With a skid steer, clearing out land for new pasture will takes only half the time it would take using a tractor.

Making Pleasure Riding Trails Is A Great Benefit

No horse farm is complete without riding trails. Whether you have flat lands or wooded areas, making trails for riding your horses on is a lot easier using a skid steer. When using the front buckets to scrape the trails, you can provide a smooth, packed and safer surface for your horses to walk on. When your horses have a safer place to walk, you and your riding companions have a safer ride. A skid steer can be useful for creating practice pastures for activities like barrel racing and jumping as well.

Maintaining a successful horse farm is less time consuming and a lot more enjoyable when you have the right equipment for helping you get the big jobs done. You can buy a skid steer or rent one from a heavy construction equipment rental store, whichever is best for your personal needs. Bear in mind that if you decide to buy your own skid steer, you can still rent the attachments you may use only during certain seasons or for tasks you do not perform daily.