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What Are The Differences Between Stationary, Portable, And Cordless Electric Conduit Benders?

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If you bend plastic or metal pipes as part of your work, then conduit benders help you make effective bends. In many applications, electric benders are a good choice. These devices automate the process so that you can work quickly and accurately.

While all electric benders use electricity as a power source, not all devices are the same. You can use stationary, portable, or cordless models. What are the differences between these benders? What are their pros and cons?

Stationary Electric Conduit Benders: What to Know

Stationary benders are usually found in workshops and manufacturing facilities. These machines are large; they are designed to stay in one place. You take pipes to the bender to work on them.

So, for example, you might put a stationary bender on a workbench. Or, you might buy a stand-mounted model.

These benders work well in heavy-duty industrial applications. If you bend a lot of pipes as part of a manufacturing process, then this device is a good option.

These larger benders are also more robust. They can often handle larger pipes more easily than smaller benders. They also usually have more advanced programming tools to improve their accuracy.

However, you do lose portability with this style. The work it takes to move a stationary bender isn't usually worth it. If you don't use a bender all that often or only work on thinner and smaller pipes, then you might not need this type of device.

Portable Electric Conduit Benders: What to Know

Portable electric benders are smaller than stationary models. Their lighter weight makes them easy to carry around from job to job. You can use these devices anywhere close to a power outlet.

These benders are a good option if you want to take a device to a pipe rather than the other way around. They work well in smaller workshops, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities that need to bend piping in different places.

However, portable benders lack the strength of stationary models. And while you can use them in different locations, you do need access to an outlet. So, they aren't great for outdoor work unless you have a generator in the area.

Cordless Electric Conduit Benders: What to Know

Cordless benders use rechargeable batteries. You don't need access to a power outlet as long as the battery has some charge.

These benders are good if you work in places without any access to power outlets. You can use them outdoors and in remote locations.

However, these benders have more limited bending options. They might not have the power to work on larger pipes. Plus, once their batteries run low, they lose some power; if you forget to charge them, then you have to wait before you can work on your pipes.

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